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Grayplex 50 - The Ultimate Plexi
  Sample 1: Les Paul-Seymour Duncan JB - Controlled Feedback and Harmonics
  Sample 2: Les Paul-Seymour Jazz Neck - Clean to Dirty
  Sample 3: Les Paul-The Many Shades of Pure Tube Warmth to Screams - Natural Distortion Lead Work
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The Ultimate Plexi

There are a lot of good Plexi amps on the market. If you are like me, you keep dreaming about the Ultimate Plexi. Your dream is my dream.  The ‘Plexi Design’ is one of the most sought after vintage sounds for electric guitarists. As with anything in life, even its great tone and harmonic structure, can be improved.

If you wanted to build the Ultimate Plexi without changing the 'signature' tone, while getting rid of the muddy bottom end that is accepted in the original specs, you would take this classic, 'vintage' design and upgrade it with every up-to-date, high performance piece of technology you could find.  This is exactly what Graytech Sound has done.

The Vintage-Modern GrayPlex 50 being offered to the music world is one of a kind!  It takes all those classic tones to a whole new level with: more Definition - more Harmonic Structure - more Sustain - more Touch Sensitivity - improved 'Controlled' Feedback - Deeper & Tighter Bass - lush Mids with clear, 'penetrating' Highs.  The muddiness in the bottom end is completely gone, the mids cut through the mix, and the highs are ultra-smooth!

For your 'dream' amp, I use a select combination of high-grade components to achieve this.  Our power section is built by a high-end manufacturer of transformers in the USA.   Plastic or phenolic tube sockets simply cannot be compared to precision-machined Teflon tube sockets with gold plated, phosphor bronze pins designed for high-end audiophile equipment.  High-grade Electrolytic filter caps are installed, eliminating 'ghosting' (a common problem with most Plexis), along with sealed PEC pots and 20 amp switches that will last for many years.  An over-the-top grounding design is used which makes the amp much quieter; better ‘signal to noise’ ratio – perfect for the studio or stage. The 'Graytech Sound method' of grounding also eliminates the dampening effect that sometimes occurs when mechanical connections are made to the chassis.
This amp sings with vintage tone you have never heard!  The critical selection of NOS and modern components offers unprecedented musical nuances that are superior to the original vintage designs.  Each one of the high-grade components has a cumulative effect on the tone.  If you start removing high-performance parts, replacing them with low-cost alternatives, the tone and performance is degraded without exception.  
The amp comes with a custom 10 gauge GrayTech power cord.
Due to my backlog, and the fact that I build every amp meticulously by hand, please allow at least 8 weeks for delivery.

You will enjoy your amp for a lifetime, and never get tired or bored with your tone.

Retail price:  send an email to info@graytechsound.com  for special pricing


Brian Gray


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