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About The Company



Why I build Amplifiers
After decades of being disappointed with 'name brand' guitar amps sold in music stores, I decided to prove that an amplifier could be built to produce tone and performance as intended, eliminating the typical short-comings such as: mushy bottom end, poor definition, limited sustain, ghost notes, and/or non-musical, harsh sounding distortion.  Many musicians prefer 'vintage-designed' amp circuits, as I do.  I use a comprehensive method for achieving ultra-high end tonal excellence without sacrificing that 'vintage sound.'  

In order to 'get that sound' I stopped thinking like everyone else.  I adapted design strategies I learned from audiophile engineers.  As you all know, audiophile stereo equipment is very expensive and produced in limited quantities due to the costs involved.  Yet, there are countless musicians that really appreciate ultra-high performance guitars and amps.  If you marry the two of them, all the stops have been pulled out!  The cost justifies the means when a GrayTech Sound amplifier does its job better than anything else of vintage design.  Guitar players discover a whole new world of sound with playing music!

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