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Amp Construction

Building Philosophy
In every 'Pro Series' model, we strive to reduce resistive loads between components, producing the most efficient amp possible.  Our vintage-style amps are all about efficiency, so the tubes can breathe with articulation and sustain, creating the most natural tube distortion, as well as a 'clean sound' with the smoothest harmonics you've ever heard.

Electrons work just like water running through a hose; the bigger the hose, the thicker the sound.  You cannot put out a raging fire with a garden hose, just as you cannot create sustain and definition using thin, copper wire, or thin connections found on most PC boards.  We hand-wire our amps with the largest gauge 'mil spec' wire throughout the entire amp, lowering the resistance in the circuit, maintaining the integrity of the electrons flowing through each component.  The result is – more definition and clarity between every note and subtle nuance your playing technique can produce.  Your amp will be a living, breathing, electronic work of art!   

Power Section
The Output Transformer is the heart and soul of any amp.  The magnetic field must be large enough to produce superior definition and tone.  It must be constructed with the proper wire and insulation between windings.  The voltage and impedance rating must match the tubes being used; a critical spec for great tone.   

Our Power Supplies are chosen from only the best manufacturers that meet our strict requirements for obtaining that 'vintage' sound!   

Cheap Resistors
Heat is the most significant factor to electronic component deterioration.  Over time, 1/4 watt and some 1/2 watt resistors break down due to exposure to heat when playing the amp.  Your guitar signal ends up compressed with loss of sustain, loss of dynamic range, and the overall sound becomes dull.  With the Pro Series, we use 1 watt and 2 watt resistors in all critical areas of the circuit.   Your sound will not fade away after years of use.

The electrolytic capacitors we incorporate into our circuits are chosen for their tonal characteristics, as well as power handling capability.  The use of Carbon Comp resistors in the preamp circuit will provide the 'bloom effect' that virtually all guitar players are searching for.

Aside from the tubes, the type of resistors and caps we use are very important to us.  It makes a significant difference in tone and performance.  We test every component before it is installed.  Timely yes, but highly needed to maintain quality control.  Our 'Pro Series' line of amps will never be about compromise.  They are built for the demands of the road, as well as the requirements of the studio.   


The 'cumulative' effect
We spent many years in R&D, developing the ultimate amps.  The most important thing we learned is: using quality components has a 'cumulative effect' on tone.  Take away one of our construction methods, or one of our superior NOS components, and the amp's performance suffers.  From using the best mil spec wire available, the ultimate transformers, caps and resistors, our hand-made, machined Teflon tube sockets, sealed P.E.C. pots, and heavy duty amp switches, along with an over-the-top grounding system - all add up to the best performing amp available. 

Our goal is to create the maximum amount of sustain, the greatest definition and clarity, with the most natural and warmest tube distortion possible in every amp we build.  After exhaustive testing of alternative design parameters, we believe our amp building formulas provide the best solution for the ultimate electric guitar sound!

There is a huge pay-off for musicians playing an amp built with the GrayTech Sound philosophy.  You will not be locked into a type of distortion that competitors often 'build in' with inexpensive solid state components; it becomes difficult to change that tone.  Synthetic,digitized tone is never desirable!

Our 'cumulative effect' from using high-end, high-capacity components bleeds over to your pedal effects.  Since we are providing you the most natural, accurate, tube-generated tone, your pedal effects will be allowed to change that tone, without degradation!  Your effects pedals will open up, and not be compromised.    


The amp is the most important instrument you own
We can make a $200 guitar sound absolutely great in a $5000 amp.  You can not make a $5000 guitar sound great in a $200 amp.  Your vintage instruments, due to the aging of the wood, along with the pick-ups, produce the sweetest tone.   Unfortunately, some modern amps (even some vintage amps that have deteriorated over time, or not properly rebuilt) are holding back the tone and performance.  This too, falls under the 'cumulative effect'.

Your vintage gear and the articulation coming from your favorite guitar(s) are faithfully being reproduced in our 'Pro Series' line of amps.  You will hear all that vintage glory your guitar can produce … A GrayTech Sound Amplifier will not hold you, or your guitar back by suppressing articulation, the sensitivity, the dynamic range, or sustain.  Instead, imagine owning an amp that has all the 'vintage qualities' you expect, without the short-comings.

At GrayTech Sound, our amps are all about the best possible tone and performance plugged straight in. 

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