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Graytech Sound offers specialized, custom-built sound products for the guitarist and musician seeking the best in tone and performance.  We have eight Graytech Sound amp models, (please inquire) and several speaker cabinets, but we also do customized work on a limited basis, along with repairs.  We offer technical support for the Ceriatone kits.  Ceriatone does not provide this service any longer through their web site.

All Ceriatone amplifiers currently available through Graytech Sound.  See the Ceriatone web site for the list.  The cost is the same as quoted on the Ceriatone web site.  The difference is the service available within the USA, making it more convenient, along with specialty components not available through any other source.


? Custom Built Cabinets
? Guitar Services & Repairs
? Misc./Accessories

     ? Rapco Cables
     ? Raw frame speakers - Eminence, Weber, Austin Speaker Works, Scumback
     ? Magus "Ultimate Attenuator"
     ? Speaker Hardware