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Whether it's a  Plexi, Tweed, or Blackface-style amp, our formulas retain that 'vintage tone' while adding more of everything we love: sustain, touch-sensitivity, articulation, dynamic range, along with the warmth and natural harmonic resonance a great tube amp is supposed to produce, with unprecedented levels of clarity and definition plugged straight in!

Graytech Sound offers TWO options for having an amp built to the finest standards in the industry.  There is an affordable option for those with limited funds.  CERIATONE is the best solution for fitting your musical amplification needs into a modest budget.  All of their amps posted on the website are available through Graytech Sound, as well as support for those that need a little help with building their kits.  It's an excellent choice for anyone that wants value for their money.

Our Pro Series is for the musician that requires a 'no compromise' option that will exceed expectations.  With this approach, the results are simply indescribable!  All inquiries are welcome!